10 August 2012, 01:06

UEFA Appeals body lightens punishment for Russian team

UEFA Appeals body lightens punishment for Russian team

The UEFA Appeals Committee has mitigated the punishment handed down to the Russian national team for the inappropriate behavior of its fans during the match against the Czech Republic at the Euro-2012, informs the official website of the RFU.

During a match between Russia and the Czech Republic at the group stage of the Euro-2012 Russian fans threw flares onto the field and displayed illicit banners.

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Following this incident, UEFA decided to provisionally strip team Russia of 6 points in the qualifying tournament of the Euro-2016, and fined the RFU 120,000 euros.

On Thursday at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, the UEFA Appeals body overruled the decision of the disciplinary committee, instead slapping the Russian Football Union with provisory sanctions in the form of three home games without spectators in the qualifying round of Euro-2016, and upheld the fine of 120,000 euros.


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