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Policemen and medics remove debris as they search for victims at the site of a Saudi-led air strike on the police headquarters in Yemen's capital Sanaa, January 18, 2016

Citing Terrorism Concerns, John Kerry Supports Saudi Bloodbath in Yemen

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US Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed his support for Saudi Arabia’s military campaign in Yemen, a conflict that has killed over 2,400 civilians. As justification, the secretary reiterated false claims that Riyadh is battling al-Qaeda.

Over the weekend, the White House stated its concern over the rising civilian death toll in the Yemen conflict.

"We are deeply concerned about recent reports of escalating violence in Yemen and resulting deaths of civilians…" White House National Security Council spokesperson Ned Price said in statement on Saturday.

But while the Obama administration is ostensibly worried about the amount of violence, it also fully supports the Saudi campaign that is creating the chaos. One day after the release of Price’s statement, US Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated his full support for Riyadh’s actions.

"Let me assure everybody that the relationship between the United States and the GCC nations ([Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council) is one that is built on mutual interest, on mutual defense and I think there is no doubt whatsoever in the minds of the countries that make up the GCC that the United States will stand with them against any external threat," Kerry told reporters.

Kerry claimed that the war was necessary since it is partially aimed at targeting "al-Qaeda operatives." Those motivations are highly suspect, however, given that Riyadh failed to go after al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) during the first nine months of fighting.

In April, the Saudi government also looked the other way as AQAP seized the port city of al Mukalla. By gaining control of the central bank, the terrorist group gained over $17 billion from the city’s capture.

In addition, Kerry cited the need to combat Iranian "interference."

"The United States remains concerned about some of the activities that Iran is engaged in other countries," he told reporters.

Riyadh has provided little evidence to suggest that Tehran is providing any assistance to Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Riyadh’s intervention began last March, and the Saudi naval blockade of Yemen has left approximately 1 million people internally displaced, and as many as 20 million people in need of food, water, and medical supplies.

The United Nations estimates that as many as 2,400 Yemeni civilians have been killed by coalition bombing. Most airstrikes have utilized cluster munitions sold by the United States. Worth an estimated $1.2 billion, this could partially explain Kerry’s support, but it also implicates Washington in Yemen’s civilian deaths.

"We should be culpable for the crime of killing civilians as well, as we produce and sell the weapons when we know the use they will be put to," retired US Army Major Todd Pierce told Sputnik.

"Our indivisibility with our ‘allies’ inculpates us in their crimes…"

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  • peskyvera
    And this is exactly how more and more terrorists are created. Will the US ever care to learn? Blood-soaked hands all around.
  • Baybars in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
    jas, Strong drugs and a lack of conscience permit peaceful slumber.
  • peskyverain reply to (Show commentHide comment)
    jas, Not having a conscience, sleeping should be no problem.
  • Baybars in reply topeskyvera(Show commentHide comment)
    peskyvera, The U.S. know what they are doing. It is the world which must learn not to trust what they are doing.
  • Mitach2002
    More lies the terrorist American government expects us to believe.
  • Randall Lee Hilburn
    Kerry makes it quiet plain that the US stands with Saudi Arabia in what they're doing. It really shouldn't be difficult to understand that. Their words and actions match perfectly in this case.
    The US and SA move as one in Yemen.
  • FlorianGeyerin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
    The Devil never sleeps.
  • No surprise from those blood thirsty Americans
  • ptcjmin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
    jas, when USA/UK invaded Iraq 2003, it was said that it would take just some weeks to finish the mission, i.e. toppling SH. And why might some ask how this estimated time was calculated. As Iraq had been on the sanction list for at least decade, they were already suffering a lot, the middle class vanished and countries who had some trade with Iraq ( think it was Malaysia) were too sanctioned. This wasn't so much discussed in media (decade of sanctions), it was always the VMD. The Bush administration along with other terror States wiped out the country, literary speaking. And if any country is to have business with these terror States; be aware, particularly those who haven't the common values like culture, language, history.
  • vendor
    Hang on! KSA is fighting al-Qaeda operatives according to Kerry. Correct me if I am wrong but al-Qaeda is mostly Sunni dominated organisation while KSA is fighting against Iran backed Shiite opposition.
  • michael
    "...the United States will stand with them against any external threat," Kerry told reporters.

    you know, I never understood why Yemen was not included on their axis of evil. :)
  • karlof1
    Don't know why this item is being voted down--it states the truth that Kerry is lying about Saudi fighting al-Ciada. Indeed, it points out several others, too!
  • Mother Gorilla
    The US motto: Lift the sanctions on Iran, but continue to fight it anywhere it has any influence! Support Saudi Arabia until the end of the dynasty shall part us!
  • mauricebartells
    John Kerry Supports Saudi's what an arsehole,
  • allperils
    They've moved beyond trying to sway public opinion, they're not at the stage where they simply lie and don't care if you believe it.
  • Randall Lee Hilburn in reply toallperils(Show commentHide comment)
    allperils, It reminds me of the old Greek tale of Narcissus, the young man who fell in love with his own image. Except Kerry has fallen in love with the sound of his own voice.
  • Tony Rossiniin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
    Why do you think so many U.S war veterans commit suicide every day (average 22 per day).
    They can't live with themselves nor their own atrocities!
  • Tony Rossiniin reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
    It's voted down.....because it doesn't approve what the USA are doing or saying! In other words it's evil.....hence voted down
  • hp
    Yep. He's a Golem all right..
  • Abinico Arts
    Of course Kerry supports this - he is an Israeli lapdog.
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