13:24 GMT +3 hours27 May 2016
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015.

Donald Trump Accuses Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton of Creating Daesh

© AP Photo/ Nati Harnik
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US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump accused his key Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and US President Barack Obama of creating Daesh during his campaign speech on Saturday night.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The real-estate tycoon claimed he had predicted the rise of Daesh in the Middle East, citing his calls on the Obama administration to target the group's oil assets in the militant-controlled territories.

"They have a bunch of dishonest people. They've created ISIS [Daesh]. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama," Trump announced to a cheering croud in Biloxi, Mississippi.

In a show of his predicting ability, Trump also accused Iran of being after Saudi oil as it orchestrated Saturday’s attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran.

A mob of outraged Shiite protesters stormed the Saudi diplomatic mission in the Iranian capital following the execution of prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia’s Sunni authorities.

Trump is the the Republican Party frontrunner in the US presidential race. The billionaire businessman has provoked controversy with statements he's made about women, immigrants and Muslims.

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  • Mikhas
    Not even Trump would dare to go against the medieval apes at the house of Saudi Barbaria apparently.

    At least he got ISIS (half)right.
  • Trump is Zhirinovsky of the US politics
  • Zhukov
    Trump correctly calls out two of the west's ISil associates.
  • in reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
    Zhukov, He does, I agree. But if he wins (or any other candidate) they will too become allies.
  • Zhukovin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
    vendor, Zhukov
    09:25 03.01.2016
    I am not sure the Deep State will allow a non- Party actor to assume the role..
  • Athanasios
    It sounds like a catharsis, so to speak, to ditch the "bad politicians of the past" and move on with the new US leadership. But if the US admits supporting Daesh, it would be the end of its role in the world.
  • Porkbelly Porkerpig
    End Political Correctness. Vote for Trump.
  • armor
    Sputnik: I am not a Trump supporter. However, I do request you to T R Y , when you do show pictures of the man, not to ALWAYS show him with his worst facial expression...I do not know whether these photos are all we have...Possible. But, to be fair, the reading public would not mind, AT TIMES, a decent picture of Trump. Thank you... :)
  • Andrew Jackson
    Hopefully Trump wins and then US and Russia can become friends again.
  • jj42
    The Saudi royal family are a bunch of murdering tyrants he won't speak against them he could be next in for loosing his head.
  • justnfree
    He's not wrong on that one, but it doesn't mean when they created ISIL neocons had any problem with it, specially McCain that was palling around with Alqaeda and ISIL.
  • Alabama Mothman
    Trump is absolutely correct. Putin has said the same things under diplomatic gobbledygook.
  • Truth Hunter

    You are correct in naming Hillary and Obama as the "originators" of ISIS.
    Thank you for declaring the truth... maybe some may change their minds about Hillary for the next Presidential election.
  • tanksbb
    It should be easy enough to prove that IS is a proxy army created by nato to overthrow Assad, they surely didn't exist B4 the Obama administration began the regime change. SA is a corrupt nation too, I wish he would have called them down instead of Iran.
  • rogertidyin reply toAndrew Jackson(Show commentHide comment)
    Andrew Jackson, Nice sentiment, but international politics is not as simple as that!
  • Matthewbleu2
    Trump has nailed it. The US created ISIS or ISIL or Daesh:

  • rogertidy
    The fact that Daesh has served not only its own but US objectives in destabilising Syria does not mean it was created by the US. Moreover, even if it could be proved to be a US creation, that would not mean it will forever serve US interests.

    Like Al Qaida before it, Daesh has its own agenda. Militant Islam is an extraordinarily powerful force in the Middle East and elsewhere. We should not be surprised that extremist Islamist groups have appeared in the world. Nor should we be surprised that, at times, there is a temporary identity of interests between them and the US. That was the case with Al Qaida, but in the long-term Al Qaida followed an agenda that was deeply hostile to the US.

    Daesh is vehemently opposed to both the West and Russia, and both sides need to unite against it. It's easy to be seduced by conspiracy theories, but a deeper, more analytical approach is needed if we are properly to understand international politics. Don't expect a sophisticated analysis from populists like Trump!
  • Mayito Mayitoh
    Right on!!!!.... Between Obama, Hillary and Mossad.... all of them created ISIS.
  • rogertidy
    Love for God, I suspect that Daesh has not attacked Israel because the latter is at present too difficult a nut to crack. By attacking Iraq and Syria, Daesh was able to fulfil the first part of its agenda, namely to establish a so-called Caliphate. By attacking Israel, it would by now have achieved very little.

    I accept that Al Qaida was, in its early days, an ally of the US. That is not at all surprising given the fact that they had a common enemy, i.e. the then government of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union). It often happens in history that countries or groups that are fundamentally opposed to each other form a temporary alliance against a common enemy. That is why Britain, the US and the Soviet Union were allies against the Nazis. That didn't make Churchill a communist or Stalin a capitalist!

    Yes, as I said in my first post, Daesh served US interests in helping to destabilise Syria, but that does not mean that Daesh was created by the US or is controlled by it. There is a difference between the objective ramifications of one's actions and one's subjective intentions. Daesh and the US have, for the time being, the same enemy. But Daesh's long-term objective is the creation of a worldwide Caliphate, which is bad news for all of us who are not Sunni extremists.

    It is not surprising that groups like Daesh have emerged. Religion is an immensely powerful force. Sunni extremism is not something that can only be created artificially by outside powers. This is not to deny that the US has its real long-term allies in Syria, but for those I would look at the so-called "moderate" rebels that the US has armed in its effort to topple President Assad.

    We should not confuse these genuine tools of the US with Daesh.
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