23:44 GMT +3 hours25 May 2016
The Russian Navy landing ship Minsk sets sail in the Bosphorus, on its way to Mediterranean Sea, in Istanbul, Turkey, January 6, 2016

Russian Navy Could Increase Presence in Mediterranean to 20 Warships

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According to a military diplomatic source, Russia’s Mediterranean Sea ship task force could reach 20 warships depending on set assignments.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) Russia’s Mediterranean Sea ship task force could reach 20 warships depending on set assignments, a military diplomatic source said Friday.

“The number may vary between 10 and 20 warships and other vessels depending on the intensity of the situation or an increase in assignments. Missile, anti-ship, and landing ships make up the basis of the permanent forces in the Mediterranean Sea. Provision groups are charged with ships to support the fleets on a rotation principle,” the source told RIA Novosti.

In July 2015, Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral Alexander Vitko said that the average number of Russian Navy ships in the Mediterranean at that time numbered 10 warships, as well as some support vessels.

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  • Linda
    Right. Russia better send their warship to Syria as US-Nato crime syndicate and their lapdogs Turkey and the Saudis are going to invade Syria. This will end in WW3 and Armageddon
  • michael
    and another move in the game.
  • Matrix 68
    Good move to support operations in Syria and try to forestall any Turkish/Saudi aggression there, as well as putting NATO naval groups on notice . If the Turks do commit to large scale invasion then Syria and Russia would be obliged to push them out. I don't see Russia using strategic aviation or naval forces firing cruise missiles on Turkish territory, but definitely they'll obliterate whatever the Turks would have in Syria. Keeping everybody honest and guessing is the name of the game, and the Russians clearly are experts at this.
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