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The Monument to the Conquerors of Space in Moscow.

Russia Postpones Plans on Extensive Moon Exploration Until 2025

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The Russian space agency Roscosmos will give up on manned flights to the Moon and related activities at least until 2025, the Russian Izvestia newspaper reported Tuesday, citing the updated version of the Federal Space Program (FSP).

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to the FSP for years 2016-2025, the Russian space industry will refrain from creating a lunar landing complex, a lunar orbital station, a lunar space suit and the system of robotic software for Moon flights, the newspaper said.

In 2012, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the country’s space industry, suggested setting up space research base on the Moon, and pledged to personally control and manage all the processes related to its construction and functioning in the future.

Roscosmos also decided to suspend the project, and the Federal Space Program does not include expenses for it.

The suspension of the so-called Moon Program allowed to save the budget some 88.5 billion rubles ($1.2 billion at the current exchange rate), the newspaper notes.

Earlier this year, the Russian Space Agency Energia said that the the first Russian unmanned lunar mission would be performed by 2025, while a manned moon landing was planned for 2029.

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  • cast235
    Things may change well before that, and the program resume at accelerated pace.
    One way is to do a project from academia using Russian students that can build probes to go to moon. Including using joining efforts by other countries. between the all and sponsors, they could collect enough funds experiments and research to satisfy all.. Without fed funds.
  • Porkbelly Porkerpig
    Looks like the extraterrestrial aliens denied Russia permission
    to visit the moon for another 10 years again.
  • Ivan Zadorozhny
    And the US delays Moon exploration to 2125.
  • michaelin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
    cast235, got to agree. Miniaturisation of components, projects for launching mini satellites, countless students around the globe interested in practical applications of technology and so on. The opportunity would be there for the Russian government to take the lead to co-ordinate such a programme.
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