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20:24 GMT +3 hours28 February 2015

Household real disposable income in Russia up 12.7% in Jan.-Feb.

MOSCOW, April 3 (RIA Novosti) - Household real disposable income in Russia grew 12.7% year on year in January-February 2007 while real average monthly wages rose 17.5%, the country's top statistics body said Tuesday.

As the Russian economy is benefiting from high oil prices, households spent 22% more on the purchase of goods and services in the reporting period compared to January-February 2006, the State Statistics Service said.

In February 2007, the nominal accrued wage per employee was 11,659 rubles ($448) on average, up 2% against January, and 26.4% more than in February 2006, the service earlier said.

Russian household savings increased 1.6% in the reporting period to 397.2 billion rubles (about $15.28 billion), the statistics body said.