17:35 GMT +3 hours30 May 2016
Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and US Secretary of State John Kerry during a meeting in the Kremlin

Kremlin Notes Progress in US-Russia Ties, But Has 'No Illusions'

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted progress in relations between Russia and the United States.

KHABAROVSK (Sputnik) — However, according to Peskov, there are "no illusions" that the US leadership could change its attitude toward Russia in a blink of an eye.

"I think it is possible to say that there have been positive advances. They lie in mutual atmosphere, because if we compare the atmosphere with what it was a year ago, then of course there is an evident desire to communicate, and there is readiness. At least now the understanding has matured of there being no alternative to dialogue to resolve issues which cannot be delayed," Peskov said on the TV Tsentr television channel.

Earlier this week, US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Moscow to meet with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin. The US top diplomat discussed the Syrian peace process, as well as the Ukrainian crisis with Russian authorities.

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  • teddy j
    for russia -- and the rest of the world --

    dealing with USA : ONLY ONE RULE:

    never trust -- always verify -- and then --never trust and always verify.

    countries that ''trust'' the usa -- will suffer the fate of the native peoples of ''america" (and THOSE did NOT even really trust the ''usa" -- they just had not the advancement to prevent their destruction by the UNtrustworthy ''americans")..
  • backfromthegraav
    AmeriCums are non Trust worthy ... still well clear !
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