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A depiction of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan portraying him as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler is pasted on the front of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's statue, founder of Turkey, at the Taksim square in Istanbul on Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Hitler's Footsteps? Erdogan's Scandalous Notion By No Means Accidental

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The US media is determined to demonize Syria, Russia, Iran, and all the countries that are actively defeating Daesh (Islamic State/ISIL). At the same time the Western press remains mute about Recep Erdogan's colluding with the notorious terrorist group, US political analyst Caleb Maupin notes.

There is something really sinister in Turkish President Erdogan's recent statement in praise of Adolph Hitler, New York-based political analyst Caleb Maupin notes, adding that the Turkish leader's notion was by no means accidental.

"As NATO's Kiev fascists routinely do, Erdogan has praised a man who killed over 27 million people when he invaded the Soviet Union. Much like Hillary Rodham-Clinton, who offensively compared Putin to Hitler, Erdogan is threatening and insulting Russia in the hopes of provoking further tensions," Maupin writes in his recent article for New Eastern Outlook.

The New York-based analyst points out that like infamous German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is "known to be dictatorial and repressive." While training and arming Islamic extremists the Turkish leader has cracked down on those journalists who had made attempts to shed some light on Erdogan's ties with Daesh.  As a result, some journalists have been detained, and some have died in unclear circumstances.

For instance, reporter Serena Shim, who had exposed the links between Ankara and Daesh, was murdered two days after receiving threats from the Turkish government, according to Maupin.

However, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and nothing concealed that will not be known. Daesh fighters have confessed on video that they received military training in Turkey, the political analyst underscores.

"The only reason that Turkey's role in funding and strengthening ISIS [Daesh] is not known is the obedience of the Western mainstream press. The US media is determined to demonize and discredit the Syrian Arab Republic, Russia, Iran, and all the countries that are actively defeating ISIS. While following Wall Street's script, Western analysts and commentators refuse to acknowledge what is very obvious: in Turkey, a pro-western regime and member of NATO is facilitating and actively supporting ISIS terrorism," Maupin narrates.

The analyst calls attention to the fact that it is not the first time when Western leadership has supported a regime hostile to Russia and its allies.

In 2008 the US-aligned Saakashvili government launched an attack against Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. Since 2011 Western leaders have been sponsoring Islamic extremists in the Middle East aiming to balkanize Syria — Russia's primary ally in the region. In 2014 Washington supported an anti-Russian fanatical regime that took power in Kiev and unleashed a war against the Russian-speaking population of eastern Ukraine.

Needless to say, Ankara still enjoys Western support despite that it treacherously shot down the Russian Su-24 in Syrian airspace on November 24, 2015.

"The intention in each of these geopolitical schemes is to draw Russia into a confrontation with NATO. This would, in effect, unleash an all-out fight between the Western financial system and the global axis of resistance. Such a war to secure the power of international bankers by forcibly liquidating their opponents would be disastrous for the human race," Maupin explains.

The ongoing conflict in the Middle East plays directly in the hands of Wall Street tycoons and their London counterparts, according to the political analyst. Maupin elaborates that Western capitalism cannot compete with the rising bloc of planned economies. The only way to tip the balance in global plutocracy's favor is a military confrontation.

In this light, Recep Erdogan and his backers on Wall Street and in London have more in common with Nazis than they realize, he remarks.

"This determined effort to spread war to the heart of Europe should certainly disturb all progressive-minded human beings, especially those with a historical memory," the analyst emphasizes.

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  • marcanhalt
    Apparently, Erdogan does not know what he wants to be when he grows up. It is what happens when you give the imbecile in the kitchen too many choices as to what to peel first; the potatoes or the potatoes. And if so, which one do I start with?
  • ivanwa88
    Perhaps we are overlooking a critical point in our rightful condemnation of Erdo The Butcher of Istanbul. That is his importance to US and NATO allies both strategically and geographically.
    The fact that he is proving his Fascist roots with evil intent and complicity to evil, only serves to excite his bosses. Its called potential erratic and merciless it may be,he serves his masters well. However like all rogue agents that excel in the field once their service is no longer required they disappear into the cosmos.Without a trace or memory of their prior existence erased as though they never existed. Erdo, who you say who was he? Will history speak kindly of him if he sparks the war to end all wars. After all who will be around to give a dam! Or does he have a genius streak to deliver the back stab of the century we never saw coming..........watch this space for Erdo could yet surprise us all.
  • cast235
    Russia needs an enhanced very POWERFUL media. That tells the truth, even against Russia itself. And that is BIG. THAT will end the west media BULL HORN.
    Create agency with gov sup at least that accept commercials. BUT the agency will work for all channels, where the channels will have no function. they be assigned. Not selected. It can be done. Will end the SORO'S idea of dominate the news, by forcing deals for commercials.
  • marcanhalt
    "The only way to tip the balance in global plutocracy's favor is a military confrontation." Ahh! the only line worth repeating after Sputnik spent more time rummaging around on the floor of weeks of fallen ticket tape lying on the floor, all saying the same thing over and over again in the interest of coming up with a story. I want to gag on all of these so-called "political analysts" from everywhere, all coming out of New York, New York. BUT! this one line ought to grab the attention of all those who think it is that "oligarch" that is in control. Maybe now they will get their heads out of their "Middle Earth" thinking and get it straight; the plutocrats are just waiting to eat up the machinations of the oligarchs. The rich do not keep getting richer except by eating their own kind.
  • Eva Brown
    The fact is that kurdish territories in Turkey have their telecomunications down. Ottomans are murdering thousands of Kurds over there and NATO USA and UE are supporting it doing nothing.
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