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Rare Animal Species on the Brink of Extinction

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© Photo: Sergey Istomov
Pallas's cat, otherwise known as the manul, is a rare Eurasian steppe and semi-steppe predator listed in the International and Russian Red Data Books of endangered species. Scientists report that their population is declining partly due to poaching and partly due to habitat shrinkage. The animal’s northernmost habitat is in Russia, mainly in the mountain and desert steppes of the south-east of the Republic of Altai, the Tyva Republic, the Republic of Buryatia and south-east of the Transbaikal Territory.

World Animal Day is celebrated annually on October 4, and is a time for people to come together to focus on preserving the planet’s fauna, and protecting animal rights. If we are to preserve our planet’s biodiversity we must protect rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.

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