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MOSCOW, May 27 (RIA Novosti, Anna Bobina) - Regional security and stability, the reform of the United Nations, cooperation in the power industry and in trade will be discussed by the Foreign Ministers of Russia, China and India in Vladivostok on June 2. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Alexeyev spoke about it in an interview with RIA Novosti. "The three-sided cooperation includes the entire range of international issues: the situation in Iraq, the Middle East settlement, Afghanistan and the situation on the Korean peninsula," the diplomat said. Moscow, Beijing and New Delhi, he continued, guide themselves by close approaches to the future development of the world, to security and stability, the activity of the United Nations and its reforming, to the fight against terrorism, and the solution of regional ethnic and religious conflicts.

At the same time Alexeyev pointed out that the three-party meeting in Vladivostok would be informal, and for this reason it would not have a strict agenda.

"Each of the sides has made its proposals. Russia, India and China have something to offer," Alexeyev continued.

He reminded the correspondent that the idea of a close cooperation between Russia, India and China appeared long ago. For the first time it was expressed back in the 1950s. In 1998, the then Russian Prime Minister, Yevgeny Primakov, proposed to return to this idea again.

The dialogue started in September 2001 at the scientific conference "Russia, India, China and the Challenges of Globalization."

In February 2002 Russia took the initiative of holding a meeting of Foreign Ministers in a three-sided format. The initiative was supported, and the meeting took place in September 2002 in the context of the session of the UN General Assembly. The ministers agreed to make such meetings regular. The latest negotiations in a three-sided format were held last October in Alma Ata (Kazakhstan) in the context of the Conference on Cooperation and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia.

Alexeyev said the meeting in Vladivostok will for the first time be held as an independent event, in no context of any international or regional forum.

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