10:19 GMT +3 hours25 May 2016
Т-90А tank during demonstration firing

Sweden Adopts Cold War Military Strategy, Ramps Up Against Russian ‘Threat’

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Stockholm moves to expand defense, establishes military strategy contemplating multilateral attack capabilities against Russia following months of growing anti-Russia escalation by NATO.

Sweden’s defense command announced Thursday that the country is amending the Military Strategy Doctrine (MSD), under which the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) deal with threats against the country’s sovereignty. The change calls for a more aggressive posture and a transition from the country’s post-Cold War-era strategy of containment. Swedish leaders cite fears of growing Russian aggression.


The revised MSD calls for expanding the Swedish military force and establishing a framework to enable deployment of advanced weapons systems as part of a “sustained” and coordinated high-impact strike against attacks. The strategy also contemplates Swedish collaboration with multinational Nordic, European Union, and NATO forces against a potential Russian attack against NATO interests.

Allan Widman, Parliamentary Defense Committee chairman said, “We could not continue on a path of depletion in our Armed Forces. We live in more unpredictable times. The old military doctrine was shaped after the last Cold War when Sweden believed that Russia was on the road to becoming a real democracy that would no longer pose a threat to this country.”

Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist aimed to justify the new, aggressive posture by citing a fear of Russian hostility. “This deeper form of Nordic defense cooperation will provide for a direct response to aggressive Russian behavior.”

Kremlin officials have dismissed the idea that Russia would engage in an attack against NATO or European interests as outlandish and a media creation. Last July, Russian President Vladimir Putin was quoted saying the idea was “the kind of thing that only crazy people think and only when they are dreaming.” 

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  • motherland101
    he Swedes are nuts. Estonians are nuts. Latvians are nuts. Ukrainians are nuts. Poles are nuts. So many nutty people close to Russia. What could be the cause?
  • in reply tomotherland101(Show commentHide comment)
    motherland101, it's gotta be something in the drinking water
  • ivanwa88
    Motherland ......does your dept have a creative writer come up with these BS titles! who do you think your fooling?

    As for going nuts! its believing in the delusional rhetoric of your dept you guys simply wont quit! as all else is failing you continue stirring the pot in the insane belief we will get them!

    Seek help from a pro MH expert to help you cope with a peaceful world around the corner.
  • michael
    speaking of a nordic defence co-operation, I think that it may be very much like that infamous IKEA ad www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIf1fydxrfo enjoy! :)
  • Mitach2002
    Ya. Sure. Russia is just itching to invade Sweden. Lol
  • daltonfury33
    Russia has no friends and nobody believes their lies
  • citizen
    Those blondies have flipped out. Has the world gone stark raving mad?
  • Darius
    Sweden was supposed to be a neutral country before it joined the European Union.
    So it seems that when becoming a member of the E.U. countries lose their right to be neutral.
  • belgradetower
    Dear Swedes:
    incarcerate your politicians for blatantly lying about Russian threat to your homeland as justification for wasting your huge tax money ordered directly from overseas big brother.
  • ktscon
    They should import more and more Muslim fighters against that Russian "aggression".
  • Glamoureus
    Sweden had a terrorist bomb exploding in Malmö yeasterday, and thats not the first time it happens in Sweden.

    Looking at the reasons, Sweden will ask Russias for help in 15 years for the same reason as Syria did in 2015
  • Anton KOMAROV
    Nice, the country of Alfred Nobel......
  • rmukarutabana
    According to Swedish "Doctors for Human Rights," since the Karl Bildt government, Sweden has joined the forces of evil:
    "After the assassination of Olof Palme, which took place in the middle of an ad-hominem campaign driven by the Swedish press, a successive series of government initiated by Carl Bildt, and successively Göran Person and (Justice) Tomas Bodström, have transformed the independent stances of Sweden.
    The nation’s exemplar non-alignment was subsequently abandoned and has instead been converted into a geopolitical instrument of the US government, and a close partner with NATO – including the military assistance or direct participation in occupation wars." newsvoice.se/2016/02/10/statement-by-swedish-doctors-for-human-rights-on-swedens-rejection-of-un-rul
  • FlorianGeyerin reply tomotherland101(Show commentHide comment)
    Could in be that they all eat far too many American Peanuts ?
  • FlorianGeyerin reply todaltonfury33(Show commentHide comment)

    Russia does in fact have many friends and admirers worldwide.
    I leave you to play with yourself and your virtual friends.
  • Jet fuel can't melt steel beamsin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
    FlorianGeyer, The flaws of eating gmo food, the brain doesn't work properly :/ that dalton must be "furious" :)
  • cpascal1
    For many years, Sweden has had the good sense to be a neutral country. What do they want to get involved in Nato's wars for? Russia hasn't done anything to Sweden.
  • FlorianGeyerin reply toJet fuel can't melt steel beams(Show commentHide comment)
    Jet fuel can't melt steel beams,

    He may just be confused. Vote for La Clinton, a rather unattractive personality. Vote for Bernie Sanders who is a Soviet Union spy. Vote for Kasich who is a Jewish man, Vote for Trump who loves himself.

    No wonder Dalton is furious. He probably hates what the US has become but is too jingoistic to admit it,even to himself,lol.
  • hp
    Uhhhh, wrong threat, dummies.
    Did your brains freeze?
  • katleho lekopa
    mother russ surely foresee this one coming! when matter is hammered it trembles_ n i think it's time to "sickle" now. bitter part i could observe is offset toward low animals around when these profound doctrines toast!
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