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Members of the Ukrainian armed forces ride on a military vehicle near Artemivsk, eastern Ukraine February 14, 2015

Ukraine Mulling Military Deployment to Syria Reports

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Ukraine’s Defense Ministry is considering sending troops to fight Daesh militants in Syria at the request from President Petro Poroshenko, a UK newspaper cited its source in the Ukrainian government as saying Sunday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Ukraine’s potential military support of the US-led international coalition operating in the Middle East will be discussed during US Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s visit to Ukraine this week, the Independent said.

"We have prepared a range of options for our support against Isis [Daesh] including in Syria, which could include troops. It could result in potential clashes with Russians," the outlet quoted the source as saying.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have been carrying out airstrikes against Daesh targets in Syria at the request of the Syrian government since last September.

Ukraine has mobilized tens of thousands of troops since April 2014 to fight militias in two breakaway southeastern regions. It has repeatedly requested assistance from the United States – in terms of equipment, weapons, training and funds.

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  • Сomment
  • vendor
    A broke country is about to be involved in not one but two wars :)
    It is not SOS but a LOL call :)
  • surferket
    They actually mean to send the Right Sector to fight on the side of the ISIL and try to kill the Russian advisors attached to the Syrian Arab Army.
  • Zhukov
    What an Pentagon tragicomedy. Nazis supporting Daesh.
  • ivanwa88
    More like Ukraine fighting (literally) for International recognition, there Gallipoli! or Custers last stand. Of course they will assist US/UK in missions as cannon fodder. 'Send in the Ukes' im not sending my boys in there to die! Maybe im all wrong they might be asked to escort Erdo around on a grand tour of his lost empire!
  • Elsa JV
    Utter madness -- anything to fight the Russians, even face the barbarism of ISIS, as long as they have a chance to fire a shot at Russia or a Russian.

    The Kiev junta does not have money for toilet paper but they want to send troops to Syria?

    Please put these bastards out of their misery -- someone -- anyone !!
  • ivanwa88
    It is sad that history has a way of popping up from time to time! Stalin who of course does not represent modern Russia! was the instigator of the potato famine which claimed the unnecessary lives of millions of Ukrainians who starved to death,very sad and very true.
    This cant be offered as an excuse but i'm sure it explains a lot of negative feeling that may still exist amongst families.
    Ukraine is lost and soulless, this is probably a classic example where dividing the country into two would probably work.
  • Huh?in reply tovendor(Show commentHide comment)
    vendor, the conversation went something like..."listen, we have really made a mess of our country and accomplished nothing we said we would. Umm...we want to come to your country and do it all wrong there. You ok with that?"
  • jameskees
    Good laugh to start the week !!!
  • Huh?in reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
    If we let people see that kind of thing, there would never again be any war. ~Pentagon official explaining why the U.S. military censored graphic footage from the Gulf War
  • Mikhas
    Apparently, what they couldn´t achieve in the "ukraine" they are supposed to get in Syria. Probably by coordinate or blend in with Turkass death squads and Saudi Barbarian/US/Zionazi Chechen proxies on the ground.

    No need for SAA to "cauldron" these Nazi´s like in Novorossiya, as soon as they pass the border and comes within the cross-hairs of SAA snipers, they´r out.
  • arnelmadrinan
    ukrainian are getting crazy / stupid everyday
  • sophm0e38
    Hypocritical Ukraine! What about Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity? Weak government's don't fight wars overseas and Kiev is a weak government relying on criminality, force and dictates. Moreover, who would Kiev send to this illegal invasion?
  • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
    Pretty sure it's not to help the Syrian army in its fight..isn't poro?
  • earlw35
    Hell no don't send these clowns, they will probably drop their weapons and run at the first sight of ISIS or ally with them, if they do The Russian jets should bomb them into oblivion.
  • tony p
    LOL, is this a joke.
  • FlorianGeyer
    Is Porky Poroshenko hoping that the Right Sector goons he would send with a fanfare of patriotism are killed. The deaths of all the 'Ukranian Hero's would of course make Porky P and his zionist pals in power feel a lot safer at home .
  • Randall Lee Hilburn
    Simply put, the ZioAmerican Empire owns the government of Ukraine, and are demanding troops in exchange for bribes paid. Washington is prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian to overthrow Assad and drive Russia and their allies out of Syria.
  • Randall Lee Hilburn in reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
    ivanwa88, You do make a legitimate point. I might be more sympathetic to the Ukrainians if they would stop letting themselves be used by the ZioAmerican Empire as cannon fodder in their wars of aggression.
  • itchyvet .
    I cannot understand that Ukrainians would be so stupid as to involve themselves in something that is no concern of theirs. Incredible.
    It would seem, that by sucking up to the Americans, (who love to suck in other nations to do their dirty work for them, and as a result, dig themselves deeper into debt that the U.S. financial institutions will rub their hands in glee, then OWNING Ukrainians) whilst the silly buggers become cannon fodder. I find it hard to accept that there are people in this World, that are so DUMB.
  • itchyvet .in reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
    ivanwa88, Are you aware, that there was also another famine in another country well before the one in Russia ????? And guess who instigated that one ?? Try Googling IRELAND and the potato famine there.
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