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Turkish tanks

Iraq Could Ask Russia for Help After 'Invasion' by Turkish Forces

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Turkish Troops Deployed to Iraq (82)

The head of Iraq's parliamentary committee on security and defense, Hakim al-Zamili, in an interview with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, said that Baghdad could turn to Moscow for help after Turkey had allegedly breached Iraq’s sovereignty.

Numerous reports suggest that on Friday Turkey sent approximately 130 soldiers to norther Iraq. Turkish forces, deployed near the city of Mosul, are allegedly tasked with training Peshmerga, which has been involved in the fight against Daesh, also known as ISIL.

On Saturday, Baghdad described the move as "a serious violation of Iraqi sovereignty," since it had not been authorized by Iraqi authorities.

"We may soon ask Russia for direct military intervention in Iraq in response to the Turkish invasion and the violation of Iraqi sovereignty," Iraqi lawmaker al-Zamili said.

Earlier, Hakim al-Zamili threatened Turkey with a military operation if the Turkish soldiers do not leave Iraq immediately.

The parliamentarian reiterated that Turkey sent troops into Iraqi territory without notifying the government.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi urged Ankara to immediately pull out its forces, including tanks and artillery, from the Nineveh province. Iraqi President Fuad Masum referred to the incident as a violation of international law and urged Ankara to refrain from similar activities in the future, al-Sumaria TV Channel reported.

Turkish Troops Deployed to Iraq (82)
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  • Mitach2002
    Well they wouldn't ask the terrorist American government for help since they're the reason the Middle East is over run with terrorists.
  • cast235
    Russia should invite IRAQ to CSTO.. CSTO will ensure borders.. Add stability and no worries about U.S AID...Iraq will have prosperity.. IRAN would join if invited, Syria , Could join as is.
  • buckwheatisback
    Start hit and run attacks on those Islamist terrorist enablers, Turkey along with Saudi Arabia are rouge Islamist states, maybe the Iranians would like to take a crack at them.
  • farwatchpost
    Iraq wants the job done so they wised up and decide to call Russia. It looks like reason and logic is finally prevailing...
  • teddy j
    this is an outright INVASION by TURKEY into Iraq.

    BEHIND it also is the ''unstated" RE-INVASION by the USA into turkey -- using its PROXY ARMY TURKEY to do the job.
  • teddy jin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
    Mitach2002, and behind TURKEY'S INVASION in IRAQ justified as ''fighting kurds" (who are of course also part of iraq) - just like ''fighting ISIL" IN syria is A COVER for fighting kurds - and protecting its oil smuggling terrorist business...

    BEHIND ALL of it -- is the tacit ALLIANCE and permission of the USA.

    HOW so? it is already demonstrated FACT of every conflict in ANY region on earth -- that when countries are set against each other -- even with their particular regional ''self-interests"

    there is ALWAYS the AMERICAN SHADOW behind each of them.


    saudis and qataris have their interests -- behind them is aUSA.
    TURKEY has its interests - behind IT is USA
    the Terrorists thugs have THEIR interests -- behind THAT is USA
    the ukrainian FASCISTS have THEIR interests- behind them is usa
    poland has HER interests against russia - behind THAT is USA.
    BRUSSELS/NATO has ITS interests - behind that is USA
    VENEZUELA'S neoliberal ''oppositionists" have the USA behind them
    behind the ''interests of philippines japan, australia, etc against china " -- USA
    behind the BALTICS, CAUCASUS wanna-be-little powers like Montenegro, bulgaria, romania, albania..

    all the way to azerbaijan in the CASPIAN ...BLACK SEA..

    USA behind them - ALL..

  • Its a good opportunity to kick some baklava butt !!
  • landauroj
    If the Iraq does want the Turks to leave Iraqis territory, only the USA can do this. Iraq has had the chance of requesting Russia help. However, the Iraqi government chicken under pressure of its masters (USA). Russia must stay out of this problem.
  • Mikhas
    Agree with Cast, this is a mission CSTO has been training for for quite a while but i must say that i love the sound of "Russian protecting Iraq from Turkish aggression".

    Russia dont have to do anything really, just agree and say the word and the Ottoman rats will be out before they can say "Allahu Akhbar".It´s essentially a family affair. They´r there to secure the flow of stolen oil to Mullah Erdogan´s clan.
  • jaodernein
    Turkey is searching the "casus belli" for NATO that they missed with the SU-24 assassination.
    Therefore Russia won't intervene, but nothing prevent her from selling brand new weapons to Iraq...
  • choticastile
    Find the so-called training by Turkey of Peshmerga unbelievable - huh?
  • барба
    Russia doesn't have anything to do with this. That will be some thin ice for Russia. Iraq better call US to help you.
  • in reply tojaodernein (Show commentHide comment)
    jaodernein, Yes, absolutely. it's another transparent trap because the first one failed.
    They should be contained for the moment. All international efforts to condemn this illegal action should of course be exhausted first.
    Essential to keep Bosphorus Straits open. A "state of war" declaration by Turkey may be what they want and it's to be avoided...this is one reason it's a delicate issue. Then there are other complications...Turks might send in even more troops if these are hit.
  • spirocoffee
    Turkey is an agressor.Where is Nato or Europe to stop them????Then they are both agressors.Turkey should be warned today?
    How dare it enters foreign countries without the permission of that goverment.If europe and America dont care.Then the Iraqi goverment must throw them out or take Turkey to the Internatioanal Tribune.Or otherwise after every Turkish soldier has been captured
    He should be put on trial in Iraq.Plus return all the money to the Iraqis for the oil that has been moved into Turkey.turkey and Nato must pay for the damages to all the countries that have been destroyed.
  • tgmy7
    Turkey has cleverly done an end run around Mother Russia with a little help from its friends Israel and the U.S. If you look at the coordinates of the new Turkish airbase you'll see it's well within range of the MOSUL-HAIFA pipeline. This flows to Israel. Oil can now be stolen by ISIS from Iraq and shipped to the Israelis without the former necessity of transshipment via tank truck and Turkey. The U.S. has also moved troops into the area. This looks like a job for Hezbollah and the Al Quds brigade (unless Iraq invites Russia to help with its terrorist problem.)
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