13:04 GMT +3 hours31 May 2016
A Su-34 multifunctional strike bomber of the Russian Aerospace Force takes off from the Hemeimeem Air Base in the Syrian province of Latakia.

Russian Defense Ministry Denies Violation of Turkish Airspace by Su-34

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Middle East
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The Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday that no Russian aircraft had violated Turkish airspace, adding that neither Russian air defense in Syria, nor Syrian radards had detected violations of Turkish borders by a Russian Su-34 warplane as Ankara claimed earlier in the day.

Turkey's reports of an alleged violation of Turkish airspace by a Russian Su-34 are unfounded and "propaganda," the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said.

"There were no violations of Turkish airspace by aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic. Turkish authorities' statements of an alleged violation of Turkish airspace by a Russian Su-34 jet are naked propaganda," Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

The alleged incident involving a Su-34 fighter bomber took place on Friday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said earlier in the day, adding that the plane had been warned by Turkish air radar units.

"None of these radars are able to establish the type and affiliation of an aircraft — whether it belongs to Russia or to the so-called US-led anti-ISIL [Daesh] coalition," Konashenkov told reporters.

He emphasized that neither Russian air defense systems in Syria nor Syrian radar stations detected any violations of the Turkey-Syria border.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said earlier in the day it had summoned the Russian ambassador after an alleged incident involving a Su-34 fighter bomber. On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he wanted to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin after the incident.

On November 24, a Turkish F-16 fighter shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber with two pilots on board over Syria. Ankara claimed it had downed the Russian warplane as it had allegedly violated Turkish airspace. Both the Russian General Staff and the Syrian Air Defense Command have confirmed that the Russian jet never crossed into Turkish airspace.

In response to Ankara's "stab in the back," as the incident has been described by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow imposed a number of economic measures on Turkey.

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  • sophm0e38
    Doesn't Turkey believe in proof?
  • Skywalker
    This time Erdogan offrered no proof of Russian plane intrusion into Turkish airspace and Turkey did not dare to shoot the Russian plane down and that means it's not true. Erdogan will do anything and say anything to get President Putin to talk to him .
  • juglul2001in reply toSkywalker(Show commentHide comment)
    Skywalker, Mr Erdogan only wants to talk to Mr Putin that's why he cooked up this bulls**t story of Su-34 violating Turkey's airspace.
  • Skywalkerin reply tojuglul2001(Show commentHide comment)
    juglul2001, Either that or he want's to sabotage the Syria peace talks staging another false flag.
  • Vincentin reply toSkywalker(Show commentHide comment)
    Skywalker, I do agree with your theory.
    Notice how perfect is the timing,
    just happening before the syrian peace talks.
    It also remind me of the same perfect timing
    when the russian plane was shot down by Turkish few time
    before Hollande meet Putin over the Syria crisis.
    Like if Turkey wanted deliberately that the peace talks fall.
  • Skywalkerin reply toVincent(Show commentHide comment)
    Vincent, Exactly he just want's an excuse for boots on the ground in Syria that is what they were talking with Biden if the peace talks fail then that is a perfect opportunity for them to enter Syria.
  • hans.schultz
    A Nuremberg style process should be started against all those involved in supporting and furthering Daesh in Syria and elsewhere!
  • backfromthegraav
    Motre lies from NAzi Turks again !
  • michael
    rather, more the annoying yapping dog of american interests.
  • Skywalker
    Now, since Russian bomber jets are escorted by two fighter jets on every sortie, did all three jets violate Turkish air space? If so, is there an aerial photo to prove this accusation?
    Or is this mere Turkish propaganda to help protect their Syrian jihadists, sorry I meant "peaceful opposition"?
  • FeEisi
    How convenient when Turkey is pushing for this:

    Brothers-in-Arms: Why Turkey Proposed to Create Islamic Peacekeeping Force

    Read more: sputniknews.com/europe/20160129/1033945780/turkey-islamic-force-daesh-fight.html#ixzz3ylEgjUNM
  • Andreas Koppa
    If they detected a Russian plane violating the Turkey airspace why they didn't shot down the plane like they did before?
  • ptcjm
    They are very busy trying to provocate Russia and as someone stated, just wait until they have themselves enough long rope to hang themselves in.
    Jens Stoltenberg and Philip Breedlove in line, thank you!
    Mr. David Cameron is winning this race as he has successfully in this interview managed to repeat the failures of a former PM during the Suez crises. "Serious charges against Mr. Putin" " yet no sanctions" -
    Is there any doubt that there would have been sanctions if there was a case? Come on!
  • anne00marie
    Are Turkey trying to lay the groundwork for the next false flag? They did the same just before taking down the Russian military jet, hoping NATO would back them. Ironic they are starting the same old tale, just when the Syrian Peace Talks are starting?
  • vendor
    Attention seeker Erdogan wants to meet with Putin without a public apology. That's all to it.
  • klod.infobeez
    Well, Erdomuz is a "Muslim Brother", a moronic dictator, a paranoid, a pathologic liar and he's full of megalomania... What to expect from Gollum ?
  • siberianhusky
    Odumbo in the Whitehouse better tells that little pip squeak to shut up and go back to his cage
  • siberianhusky
    I hope it was a Su-34 and that little numb nuts would have taken a pot shot at it. Su-34 isn't a Su-24. Su-34 should make dash across the Turkey's border and shoot down what ever it was and release a HARM at that Turkey's radar station
  • Greyfox
    Turkey earlier beat it chest and said it would always defend its air space. So why didn't it shoot it down? Seems to be more of a chicken than a turkey.
  • surferket
    Looks like Turkey is planning to shoot down Russian bombers that are killing their sponsored terrorists.
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