21:54 GMT +3 hours25 May 2016
Smoke rises in the distance behind an Islamic State (IS) group flag and banner

Daesh Kills 280 People in Syrian Deir Ez-Zor - Witness

Middle East
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Daesh militants killed 280 in Syria after Russian humanitarian aid delivery to the region.

The Islamic State (ISIL, or Daesh) murdered some 280 people in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, where Russia had delivered a humanitarian aid earlier, local residents told Sputnik on Saturday.

"The horrific massacre carried out today by ISIL militants in al-Bagilya in Deir ez-Zor. 280 victims, including women, children and old people. Reason — cooperation with the Syrian army," the local source said.

According to the local source, militants of the group outlawed in Russia continue the massacre, "killing whole families."

Earlier it has been reported that the extremists had advanced into the northern tip of Deir ez-Zor.

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  • cast235
    A sacrifice because they REAL MARTYR. But DAESH will pay a HIGH PRICE. Don't cry when your time arrive!!
    Russia MUST try get special force in with drop of aid. To stop this barbaric NATO puppets.
    And Turkey should stay out. Or get that dirt bag a tribunal.
  • Just watch the US reaction now. (and Turkey's) They are desperatly trying to find a reason to get in. Any bigger incident (orchestrated by the allies) may start the process. We are days away from the liberation of the northern border where SAA and the Kurds will meet. Turkey has been calling on Germany to get in - openly! They are calling also for the USA to provide ground troops for training, etc. Turkey will do anything they can to spark an even bigger war.
  • Alexey Yarmolenko
    Another crime of these anglo-saudi wahabi pigs,
    Good in some ways.,,
    now in next few days we will see a full russian land invasion of east syria
    These Hundreds and Hundreds of illuyshin transports have obiously not just been carrying aid to syria, but also russian weapons. Putin wants to get in syria before anglo does. With china, india and irans full support. Now we see the Eurasian, continental alliance against the Anglo, oceanic society. It will all become clear.
  • As a reminder, this is who the US uses to do its dirty work, like in Libya and Ukraine. This is John McCain.
  • Mother Gorilla
    After the delivery of Russian humanitarian aid! What a coincidence! If that isn't Daesh's American masters plus consorts getting jealous of the good Russia is doing!
  • Want2B Wiseguy
    So the defenders of Syria start wiping out the US terror proxy group, cut off their supply lines and starve them, then give tons of food to good starving people without protecting them? Was this bone headed planning intentional?
  • Blackie in reply toAlexey Yarmolenko(Show commentHide comment)
    Alexey Yarmolenko,
    Europe now is like an old hoor.She sleeps with anybody for a price!.
    She now like Arabs and Blacks. So do not not worry she will be "getting plenty" if you know my meaning!
  • Blackie in reply toMother Gorilla(Show commentHide comment)
    Forest Owl,
    Europe must look to Russia for protection, and crawl on their hands and knees to Putin will be a good start.
    There is no intelligent life in Europe.
  • Mother Gorillain reply toBlackie (Show commentHide comment)
    Silver Back,
    to 1: so true, but the Americans won't let them! They are like a jealous step father that won't let the child go back to its mother.
    to 2: No wonder, there is hardly any intelligent media in Europe!
  • b00049568
    When I look at Syria today it reminds of WW2 total war environment ; everything is fair game ; in WW2 for example whole countries were just bombed and killing happened everywhere ; everything was fair game......it is just a breakdown of civilization and what you get when terrorists are invited in a country ; the reality is that Syria today is a total war economy on all sides.....goodness help them.....
  • b00049568
    The situations there right now in Syria is pre 1000 AD ; just an economy completely and fully about war ; and war also unrestricted without boundaries......it is a total breakdown of civilization as we know it.....
  • b00049568
    Much like in Libya which is a total breakdown of civilization ; in the words of Hilary it was about helping great freedom fighters depose a dictator but all it did was lay the foundations for anarchy and ISIS......
  • IranianExpat1916
    Not judging the killed mentioned in the article, lets keep in mind just about all Sunnis living in the town taken over by Saudi and Israeli created ISIL welcomed these savage dogs with open arms, thinking they were better than the Shia government. There are news footages showing them praising ISIL and actually mentioning how happy they are to see ISIL.

    Well, as they say be careful what you wish for.

    Now the Shia soldiers and volunteers have to risk their lives to save your sorry Sunni ass.
  • in reply toIranianExpat1916(Show commentHide comment)
    IranianExpat1916, It's women and children. The children didn't pick any sides.
  • in reply toWant2B Wiseguy(Show commentHide comment)
    Want2B Wiseguy, Want2B Wiseguy, It's my understanding that the area isn't fulling liberated on the ground yet, for ground aid to reach, and that the situation is becoming desperate.

    I think there's still heavy fighting and some roads are still not passable.
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