08:01 GMT +3 hours30 May 2016
Syrian army soldiers patrol near a building previously used for storing seeds in the countryside of Deir Hafer, a former bastion of Islamic State group, near the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on December 2, 2015

Syrian Army Liberates Key Areas Near Deir ez-Zor Military Airport

Middle East
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The Syrian Army continues to liberate several strategic regions near the Deir ez-Zor military airport of militants.

Government forces have made major advances and regained control over several heights in the al-Tahrda Mountains, east of Deir ez-Zor military airport, after carrying out an attack on Daesh (Islamic State) positions on Monday.

Some 11 Daesh terrorists were killed in the attack and several others were injured.

It was earlier reported that the army continued to advance near the strategic hill of Kroum in the vicinity of the airport after it repelled an attack by Daesh militants.

The Syrian Army engaged in clashes with Daesh in al-Jafreh village in the province of Deir ez-Zor, having killed and injured a group of militants, a military source told FARS News.

Aircraft of the Syrian Air Force carried out bombing strikes on militants’ positions in al-Hwaiqa neighborhood in the city of Deir ez-Zor.

Deir ez-Zor was once a Daesh stronghold but now the Syrian Army and popular forces backed by Russian airstrikes have left no safe place for the militants in the province.

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  • armor
    Well done SAA : God bless you in that recovering of the Territory of Syria, metre by metre, you are progressing. Courage, MANY are now with/for you. The tide is turning. Forward in Faith.
    Russia: you made that possible for the valiant soldiers on the ground: Thank you.
  • Hype. They have been advancing for some time. How big is this airport when there are so many strategic points? Seriously?
  • ivanwa88
    Dont forget it was a stronghold of Daesh with a reasonable large populous i'm guessing the size of Mandurah. Also difficult terrain to keep secure against constant counter attacks some more successful more lately not so. I get the direct impression only a limited force is being tied up in the region owing to larger more critical campaigns elsewhere. But non the less Dier ez Zor is quite a military outpost in a very strategic position. I've had a close look up on Google the airport is extensive with numerous defensive positions and major networks of below surface facilities. Daesh is certainly not keen to vacate as it would be an ideal base for Nato if that occurred im guessing there under orders to resist no matter what-so watch that space and critique me if in the near future my predictions are full of BS.
  • cast235
    Kids wanna be strategists. They think DAESH is all that. DAESH was powerful against women and children. And against a peaceful military. Now Russia is a different kind of thing.
    Russia have over a thousand years of experience fighting vandals. Was part ally with the GREAT KHAN and the hordes. Until one of the hordes decide to force Russia to pay. THAT was the end.
    And have hundred of years of experience defending borders against all kind of crooks and thieves.. Killers and what not. And then DAESH think it can defeat Russia?
    Only an insane person open his mouth. Mc Cain the Insane. Everyone wonders when is time for nap at the nursing home for the guy.
    The defeat in Afghan ONLY happened because of the one and only. GORBACHEV. HE took the mil back from Afghan. Russia was getting warmed.
    Now? Russia can be successful against DAESH. Mc Cain is the ONLY mad that DAESH is been losing territories and OBAMA and, Biden and.... And Turkmen? GO HOME. While the going is good.
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