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US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland

Ukraine Should Break Free From ‘Dirty Money, Politics’ in 2016 - Nuland

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Victoria Nuland said that Ukrainian government should resolve issues of corruption and shady politics in 2016.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) The Ukrainian government should resolve issues of corruptions and shady politics in 2016, US Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland said at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday.

"We continue to believe that 2016 can and should be the year that Ukraine breaks free from the unholy alliance of dirty money and dirty politics, which has ripped off Ukrainians for far too long," Nuland stated.

Victoria Nuland also said that the International Monetary Fund (IMF), along with the US government, cannot provide further financial assistance to Ukraine due to political instability in the country.

"The IMF, like the US government, doesn’t have a choice right now, so long as we are not sure who our partner will be on the other side of the table," Nuland said.

The US government has not reached a decision about providing Ukraine with lethal military assistance, according to Nuland.

"No decision has been made on that [lethal aid], but we are continuing to train and we will have a big training budget for 2016 as well," Nuland stated

Nuland further noted there is no "offensive combat now… but the hope, both on the Ukrainian side and in the international community, is that we can settle this through implementation of Minsk and withdrawal of Russian forces."

Nuland made the comment in response to a question whether the Ukrainian military could push "separatists" back if Kiev is provided lethal assistance by the United States.

Kiev launched a military operation against independence-seeking militias in Ukraine’s Donbas region in April 2014. The confrontation has claimed more than 9,000 lives, according to UN estimates.

In February 2015, Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine worked out the second Minsk ceasefire agreement to settle the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

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  • backfromthegraav
    Only possible if skum leave .. all of them!
  • Porkbelly Porkerpig
    The US is better at dirty money & dirty politics corruption,
    than any other country on the face of the earth.
    What is Nuland even talking about?
  • kooka
    There is only one way to break away from dirty politics and dirty money: to throw the US and all the dirty representatives like nuland, biden ... out of the country and to try a new start with the RF. This is valid for every country under US occupation e. g. Germany.
  • nshahhsh
    Ukrainian should spit out that dirty cookies Nuland gave right on her face..!
  • michael
    well she would know about dirty money and politics.
  • Athanasiosin reply toPorkbelly Porkerpig(Show commentHide comment)
    Porkbelly Porkerpig, exactly. The USA (and Luxemburg, and others) are at the top of the list in hiding assets and tax evasion. But Nuland (and Juncker) can lecture everyone else about ethics...
  • Dirk Ramsey
    So says the queen of dirty money and dirty politics She should be locked up as a war criminal for spending U$A tax payer money to pay for the over throw of the democratically elected government of Ukraine. .
  • ron
    Dorthy is not personally benefiting financially from the Ukrainian corruption, that is why she is trying to find some moral ground. The Ukrainian take over was lead in part by this criminal with McCain and friends.
  • lianasammartino
    shark's eyes
  • cezum
    That's rich! Nuland whining about the government SHE installed!
    Go dig a ditch, you (word that rhymes with ditch) That would better suit your mentality!
    To quote her: "F*ck the EU"! Who's getting f*cked now, Victoria?
  • hopscotch64
    For once I agree with Nuland that Ukraine should indeed break it's relations with the United States and EU. This move would undoubtedly help cure the dirty money, corruption and dirty politics that now exists. That is what she wants is it not?
  • Ivan Buckeye
    Hilarious. If Ukraine takes her advice, they'll start by kicking the U.S. out of their country!
  • goldcamshaft
    Ukraine Should Break Free From ‘Dirty Money, Politics’ in 2016
    Ukraine should break free form Dirty money, politics and cuss words in 2016
  • wow! That lady! right there! *points*
  • professor.hornblow
    All the dirty money comes from the US. Yes, it must stop (or Nuland will go broke).
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