18:46 GMT +3 hours24 May 2016
A worker walks towards an installation at the Blue Stream gas pipeline in Samsun, northern Turkey, 16 November 2005

Gazprom Slashes Gas Supplies to Turkish Companies

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Russia's largest natural gas supplier has decreased supplies to Turkey because some Turkish firms have not paid the full amount they owe, Rambler News Service reported.

Russian energy firm Gazprom has cut back gas supplies to Turkey because several Turkish companies have refused to pay the full price for gas, after the company canceled the discount it was previously giving them, Rambler News Service (RNS) reported on Thursday.

"These private companies paid for gas deliveries in January 2016 on the basis of their own calculations of a discount. The invoice produced by 'Gazprom Export' was higher than the amount paid, so the daily volume of Russian gas to the companies was reduced," Alexey Grivach, Deputy General Director of Gas Projects at Russia's National Energy Security Fund explained.

According to information from Bulgartransgaz, a Bulgarian operator of natural gas transmission and storage which operates a western route for gas supplies to Turkey, the amount supplied to Turkey began to drop on February 10, when the volume of gas fell by ten percent in comparison with a year earlier.

The western route operated by the Bulgarian company helps to deliver about half of the gas Russia supplies to Turkey, and Gazprom supplies the other half directly to Turkey.

On February 24, the amount of gas delivered from Russia by Bulgartransgaz was 26.7 cubic meters, which is 40 percent less than one year ago.

While recent warmer weather in Turkey is one reason for the reduction, the main factor is said to be Gazprom's decision to cancel the 10.25 percent discount it was previously giving to six Turkish importers of gas, Bosphorus Gaz, Enerco Enerji, Bati Hatti, Kibar Enerji, Avrasya Gaz and Shell Enerji.

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  • michael
    and business continues the battle...
  • Turkey murders a Russian pilot, then gets offended when they lose a gas discount that goes only to friends.
  • vendor
    Decreased?! Cut it off.
  • Its time to find an excuse to cut Iranian,Russian and Azerbaijani gas supplies to Turkey until the erdog is back in the manger.
  • Dirk Ramsey
    You don't pay the bill, you don't get gas. Turkey is getting off easy. Russia should cut it all off until all of the past due is paid and sell only with payment in advance. The same deal that Eddogoon's new best buddy Porkystinko gets.
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