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Slovak police control border crossers at a checkpoint of the Slovakian-Hungarian border near Rajka (Hungary) and Cunovo (Slovakia) on September 14, 2015

EU Members Welcomed Migrants Initially, Now Closing Borders Slovak PM

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Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1471)

Member states of the European Union that initially greeted refugees fleeing war-torn countries now hurry to close their borders despite the Schengen Agreement, the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Monday.

PRAGUE, (Sputnik) — "It is those countries that have most openly welcomed migrants today make decisions against the Schengen," Fico said during a briefing, as quoted by the Bratislava Aktualne news portal.

The Slovak prime minister added that the ongoing massive refugee crisis in the bloc would be the main topic on the agenda during Slovakia’s EU presidency, which starts on July 1.

On Saturday, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann announced that Vienna was temporarily suspending the Schengen Agreement and toughening border checks.

So far, seven EU states applied border controls along the internal borders of the Schengen Area to curb the influx of undocumented immigrants — Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, France and Malta.

The Schengen Agreement abolishes internal borders, enabling passport-free movement between parties to the treaty. The agreement provides for the temporary closure of internal borders in the event of a threat to national security.

The European states are still striving to find an optimal solution to the major refugee crisis, with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and North Africa.

Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1471)
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  • michael
    the reality is biting. :( It's like how realists deal with idealists - let them go until they find through experience what the realists were trying to convey.
  • "It is those countries that have most openly welcomed migrants today make decisions against the Schengen," Fico said during a briefing, as quoted by the Bratislava Aktualne news portal.
    Almost like it could be a conspiracy to destroy the open borders policy, isn't it?
  • michaelin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
    jas, or, some very astute and adroit people taking advantage of the situation - the key skill in politics I believe. :) who needs conspiracy theory? :)
  • Mother Gorilla
    All for it, yet we wonder why are so many going for this rainhole now?
  • Ivan Zadorozhny
    Shengen should be suspended for the duration, it was not designed for an emergency like that.
  • FlorianGeyer
    Well, at least the British Referendum to vote on leaving the EU will have more support for leaving IF the people are informed that all the influx of refugees to Europe last and this year will be able to legally settle in Britain after they gain EU Citizenship in about 3 years time.
  • Are you not surprised that the instigators of all the unrest that created this refugee problem have accepted any of the refugees? America you created this and other messes like this across the world but you always leave it to other countries to clean up after you.

    Follow Americas trail across the world and you will find death, destruction, despair, and corruption and economic plunder.
  • qvasko 15
    It a great burden on europe...
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