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Numerology is about math not magic

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Is numerology a science or the magic of numbers? October presented us with two interesting dates in a relatively short period of time – 10.10.10. and 20.10.10. Numerologist Klara Kuzdenbaeva, who claims that every political event can be predicted by numbers, explains the hidden meaning behind these figures.

Is numerology a science or the magic of numbers? October presented us with two interesting dates in a relatively short period of time – 10.10.10. and 20.10.10. Numerologist Klara Kuzdenbaeva, who claims that every political event can be predicted by numbers, explains the hidden meaning behind these figures.

Samir Shakhbaz: Hello Klara, thanks for joining us in the studio today. Numerology is an interesting field, and October gives us a lot to talk about from a numerological perspective, as this month contains two striking dates – 10.10.10 and 20.10.2010.

Klara Kuzdenbaeva: People pay a lot of attention to dates like this – 07.07.07, 08.08.08, etc. Now take 10/10/10. Looking at the date from the numerological perspective, one can see that the sum of the three numbers is a round number. The year 2010 contains the symbol of 3 (the sum of 2 and 1), which means it is a year of creative self-expression. Adding up the digits in 10/10/2010, we get 5, a symbol of spirituality and cosmic vibrations, because 5 symbolizes outer space.

Adding up all the digits in that other striking date, 20/10/2010, gives us 6, a symbol of power and family.

S.S.: So there is nothing magical about these two dates? What I mean is there can be several dates with the same symbols, they just aren’t as striking? It has become trendy to get married on this kind of date. But there’s no reason to?

K.K.: It doesn’t do any harm. If people believe these dates are lucky, let them get married on them. There is something else though – compatibility. For a happy marriage, a couple needs to be compatible in many ways – physically, spiritually and sexually. Here numerology can provide answers.

S.S.: But what is numerology? Science? Divination? Magic? When we were preparing for this interview, some editors on the team used less than flattering terms like “quackery” and “obscurantism.” Could you elaborate on this?

K.K.: Numerology has nothing to do with extrasensory perception or divination. It is a way of predicting. Any situation, any event in a country, any issue arising in one’s personal life can be predicted with the help of numbers. Numbers never lie. Leopold Kronecker, a 19th century mathematician and associate member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, once said, “God made the integers, all else is the work of man.”

S.S.: So you are saying that people should learn at least to understand numbers, if not to control them?

K.K.: As I always say, we should not let numbers control us; we should control them. A lot of people are scared of the number 13. I tell them – try to like this number, and it will respond. People should control numbers, not let numbers dictate their lives. There are no bad numbers. They are all good.

S.S.: So you said that any event can be predicted using numbers. How about the latest developments in Russia, such as the resignation of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov?

K.K.: Certainly. I don’t want to brag and claim that I knew it for sure, but calculations were pointing to Luzhkov’s impending fall.

S.S.: Politicians and business leaders must know about numerology. Do they use it?

K.K.: They do. You’re right. Why do I say that people should know about numerology? Because you can change the course of some events. There are these zero periods, as we call them, in a person’s life, when people are at their most vulnerable. This can be easily explained with numerology. These periods are part of a person’s three basic rhythms – his or her physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. These periods can be bad for your health and affect your emotional well-being and mental state. If you know about these periods in advance, you can prepare for them. When people come to me for advice, I sometimes warn them that they are in for difficult year and that they have to be ready for it.

S.S.: Isn’t that a contradiction? You say you can calculate the course of a person’s life at birth, but also that they can change course later in life. Does that mean it’s not very precise?

K.K.: Try to look at it from a different angle. I often hear from parents who say that their two children are completely different. I tell them this is only natural, because their children’s signs are different, and this is the main reason. What should be done in such cases? If numbers say that a child has skills suited to a certain occupation, that child should certainly be educated for that occupation.

S.S.: Suppose you tell the parents that their child may grow up to be a gifted pianist, but the parents insist he should be a soccer player. And he eventually becomes a soccer player. Can that happen?

K.K.: Why do you think people get depressed? Why are some of them dissatisfied? Why do they drink? All of this can be explained by numbers. The key concept here is satisfaction – when you feel like you are where you are meant to be and doing what you are meant to do. For example, there is a classic numerological sign for a judge, as well as for other professions. There are specific signs for each occupation.

S.S.: You must have heard people say that numerologists should use their knowledge to make money. I am primarily referring to betting on sports. Is it possible to calculate which team will win and when so you can bet on them?

K.K.: I don’t usually offer sports predictions. But one newspaper asked me to predict the outcome of the Russian soccer team’s match against Spain at the European Cup. I did, and my calculations told me Russia would lose, and we did. I also tried to calculate the result of Yevgeny Plyushchenko’s performance in Vancouver, simply out of curiosity, and that, too, proved correct. But again, I only did this because I was curious.

S.S.: What do the years 2010 and 2011 hold for us?

K.K.: With 2010, 2 and 1 make 3. This number means creative self-expression, innovation, and change. The changes we are witnessing in our country are due to the vibration of three. The year 2011 brings us the vibration of four, which symbolizes stability, pragmatism and justice.

S.S.: And what about 2012 – the year everyone is worrying about?

K.K.: 2012 adds up to five. This number signifies that we should think about spirituality. What in our lives is constant? Everything seems unstable – money, power, and even family. Only the soul is everlasting. 2012 will be a year to reflect on our souls.

S.S.: I like the fact that, even though we were discussing numbers and calculations, we ended up talking about spirituality. Klara, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us.

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