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10:56 GMT +3 hours30 January 2015
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RIA Novosti presents original multimedia projects at APEC forum

Agency News
RIA Novosti is going to present several original multimedia projects at the APEC-2012 Leaders’ Week in Vladivostok.

RIA Novosti is going to present several original multimedia projects at the APEC-2012 Leaders’ Week in Vladivostok.

The agency is set to become an official photo hosting agency of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum for the first time.

RIA Novosti will present the Faces of Russia 3D outdoor photo exhibition, the XXI MY PACIFIC OCEAN photo exhibition and a musical photo performance specially prepared for the leader’s week based on the photos of the APEC economies by the best Russian photographers.

Around 500 photographs of the Faces of Russia 3D exhibition will be on display at the forum’s International Press Center. Large LCD screens will display an interactive map of Russia with photos of various sights. Moving to the left or right in front of the screen, viewers can select an image gallery on any Russian region and look through 3D images of its nature, residents and everyday life.

The geographic area covered by the images ranges from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and from the subarctic regions in the north to the Caucasus in the south of Russia. The third dimension turns the photographs into elaborate compositions with a multitude of characters, each with their own story. Stories like a wedding in a mountain village in Dagestan, a religious holiday in a real Cossack community or a camp of Kamchatka reindeer breeders explore the full depth of people’s characters, relationships and conflicts.

The Faces of Russia project offers views of the Yenisei from the breathtaking height of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro power plant’s dam, polar bears photographed from an icebreaker and Sochi beaches and Olympic construction sites photographed through a train window. The new technology gives a different look to famous Russian landmarks such as the Peterhof fountains with drops of water frozen in mid-air, the Moscow Kremlin, the Golden Ring with its domes of ancient churches, and oil rigs in Siberia.

Throughout the APEC Leaders’ Week, guests will be able to watch a 3D video made by RIA Novosti about Vladivostok’s main sights and infrastructure facilities built for the 2012 APEC forum.

The outdoor XXI MY PACIFIC OCEAN project is another APEC-themed exhibition by RIA Novosti and the FotoFond Land of Photography project. The exhibition opened on September 2 on Russky Island on the main avenue of the Far Eastern Federal University. It will feature works by the best Russian photographers.

The artistic nature of the project goes far beyond documentary style. Stories are intertwined and often lack a logical ending, like colorful dreams. They bring visitors into the imaginary world created by the photographers.

XXI MY PACIFIC OCEAN, a musical photo performance based on the works of Russia’s top photographers, will premiere at 9:30 p.m. on September 5 on Sportivnaya Embankment in Vladivostok.

In accordance with the plans of the organizers and curators of the project, 21 photographers went on a weeklong photo expedition through 21 countries and territories of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. The expedition produced a collection of black-and-white and color analog and digital photos.

A team of computer artists, animators and graphic designers who have worked on the designs for Eurovision and Jean-Michel Jarre shows created a spectacular photo show using ‘pseudo 3D’ technology. The show will be displayed on a huge screen mounted on a stage with an original design. It will be accompanied by 21 songs written specifically for the project and performances by Bionica, a band that uses laser-diode luminescent costumes in their shows.

The stories will be linked by the Mandala of Unity, a signature performance by Svyatoslav Ponomarev, one of the expedition photographers. Using a pendulum and luminous paint, he will draw a geometric design symbolizing the unity of the countries and areas of the Pacific Ocean. The show will culminate with an enormous water screen on the ocean waters that will show projections of photographs and drawings.