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Having messed up in Iraq and Syria, the United States is now eyeing Libya as the next potential place where Washington’s “decisive military action” is needed.

US Considering 'Military Action' in Libya to 'Save' Africa From Daesh

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Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1682)

Having messed up in Iraq and Syria, the United States is now eyeing Libya as the next potential place where Washington’s “decisive military action” is needed.

Citing a growing threat of Daesh's (Islamic State) expansion in Libya, the US government is considering the idea of sending its military to wipe out the terrorists in the North African nation.

"It's fair to say that we're looking to take decisive military action against [Daesh] in conjunction with the political process in Libya. The president has made clear that we have the authority to use military force," said US General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as cited by the New York Times.

Together with its allies — Britain, France and Italy — the United States is looking to militarily intervene in yet another country under the pretext of "stemming the growth" of Daesh across North Africa and the Sub-Saharan countries, Reuters said.

"So as I look at Libya, I look at Libya as an ISIL platform from which they can conduct malign activity across Africa," Dunford said.

Right now it isn't clear yet when exactly a US military operation would start, but US reconnaissance flights and intelligence gathering indicate that a military intervention is bound to happen within "weeks," according to Dunford.

The problem with the upcoming military intervention is that the United States has yet to defeat Daesh and other extremist groups in Syria and Iraq. Without solving the problem in one region, Washington is jumping head-first into another region guns blazing.

One could only hope this time the United States would respect international law and get the official approval of the Libyan government before sending in its troops. Another way to militarily intervene without breaking international law would be to get the consent of all UN Security Council members.

In the past, history showed that the US government feels above the law and doesn't need anyone's approval to intervene into the affairs of other countries. Will things in Libya be different?

It's also worth noting that in 2011, a NATO bombing campaign in Libya led to the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's government. Since then, the previously stable country descended into chaos and failed to form a stable government with various factions, including many Islamic extremist groups, fighting against each for power.

Gaddafi knew what dangers his country would face if he were to be overthrown. According to leaked phone conversations between Gaddafi and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the former Libyan leader tried telling Blair about the growing danger of extremism in his country before the NATO operation began. The Western military alliance refused to listen to Gaddafi and the rest we know is history.

Having already messed up Libya big time in the past, the US is looking to intervene in North Africa again. Would it be a wise political move for Washington? Only time will tell.    

Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1682)
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  • Love for God
    "Al Qaeda's cells attacked security forces and took over their weapons," he said, adding: "How did that all begin? Small, sleeper al Qaeda cells."

    On al Qaeda, he added: "I am ready to debate anyone one of them, one of their emirs (leaders), whomsoever appoints himself, who comes to me to debate with me. But they do not debate ... they do not have demands at all."

  • What an oxymoron! The "us" and"save" in the same sentence! Say that again without laughing..
  • If there is a God then please protect us from the Americans
  • Baybars
    This article is comedy, right? Since we are in the comedy mode, how about a story that says: "Syria to invade Washington to save the World from the Americans"

    Would that no be better to read with your morning coffee?
  • in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
    Jet fuel can't melt steel beams,

    Please re-phrase that to, say that without crying
  • cast235
    Putin's LACK of leadership, give away this opportunities. That why Russian economy is so BIG!! They go there, to use their institutions and KICK Russia out. And China. And India. EXXON will control oil, G&S wealth, the same actors all over. What Russia get? NOTHING!!!

    Sanctions over any excuse. Russia MUST wake up to realities of life. Forget German DIRT BAG analyst. Russia NEED it's foot print around the world. And POWER.
  • ivanwa88
    Once the hysteria fades, reason will prevail the preconditions in Libya are starkly different in geopolitical terms to Syria. For one the destruction and regime change was effected, two the re-emergence of Daesh following US havoc in ME is a disastrous media event for them.
    Three they are now desperate to show that there regime change can end objectively and fruitfully apart from the gold they stole to replenish there non existing stocks in Fort Worth.
    Therefore I believe US will wipe out Daesh like they never knew them. Its in there best interest now and no one quite does a betrayal like the US does! it will be merciless.
    So hold off the dogs! there's nothing to save now in Libya its all far to late for that.
  • Mitach2002
    Bull! The terrorist American government goes to war in order to secure resources not ever to save human beings. The cesspool known as America
  • rogertidy
    So the country that destroyed Libya in the first place wants to rebrand itself as the saviour of the country. The arrogance of this self-styled international policeman is staggering!
  • peaceactivist2
    Yes, it is time to test those improvement on the field again
  • It's obvious that the US is using terrorists to invade target countries. Then the US uses its own terrorists as a pretext for actual NATO action. It used Al-Qaeda to justify invading Iraq and Afghanistan. It used Right Sector to kill police and overthrow the Ukrainian government. The US is using ISIL to continue to occupy Iraq and to open new ground in Syria. Soon, the US will go after Iran. The terrorists in Libya are the same ones who killed Gaddafi. The actual government in Libya is no better than ISIL. But the US doesn't care, as long as it gets that oil.
  • rishardhawk
    The Solution to Libyas problems is as Russia suggested first of all , the negotiations between two factions to form stable gov. as in Syria.
    The US talks of their authority ,but from whom ? Probably Eastern Elite Criminals but not of UN.
    The only Solution to the Worlds lasting Peace is the Address of the Problem at the Core,
    That is again COMPLET ERADICATION OF THE HORRIBLE WESTERN ELITE THAT CONSTANTLY INGAUGES IN COVERT ACTIVITIES TO SUBVORT AND CONTROL as The President JF Kennedy stated in his last speech after which he was assassinated by this very Covert Organisation ( NWO Crimes) !
  • rishardhawk
    Correction Western Elite not (Eastern).
  • dolsonmorton
    Let the USA stay out of this bogus plan, there is no way this administration plans on hurting any terrorist group!
  • Huh?in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
    jas, that's the pro-NATO lobby...they get paid for thumbs up...aside from the wrong handedness...I guess it time to go back to another drawing board and create more problems then make it look like they are being fixed...but then create another...and so.

    Thank goodness for that one upvote...whew!!
  • Huh?in reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
    cast235, Russia and China use soft power to win hearts and minds...Western nations use 2 IN the heart and 1 IN the mind. Different philosophies, but at least the first one gives people an opportunity.
  • vendorin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
    cast235, why should Russia get anything from Libya? I do not get it. You are against the USA and NATO actions in Libya as they are about to start stealing the Libyan oil but express your slight envy that they will get everything and Russia gets nothing? Would it be OK to steal the Libyan oil by NATO and the USA if they were to offer a cut to Russia?

    No country has right on anything from Libya apart for Libya.
  • vendorin reply toHuh?(Show commentHide comment)
    Huh?, Russia, China and soft in the same sentence :)
  • Mother Gorilla
    Back in 2011, the US did not care about Libya and the danger of "Islamism", in fact, the French may have killed Gaddafi, while the Americans took in its stride the death of their ambassador. Now again they want to intervene as elsewhere in the Middle East and even more so in Africa to further their interests. Once the Middle East and North Africa been emptied of people, all the suffering will be further south in Central Africa. I can tell you my people are not looking forward to it.
  • sakissel
    The USA needs to mind it's own business and stop interferring with other countries.

    Maybe someday the people will wise up and see it for what it is...a corrupt entity run by the wealthiest for the wealthiest...
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